Best Way to Find a Lost Pet Fast

For many people, a cat or dog is a member of a family. And when one of them is missing it is a real traumatic situation. Every year, approximately 9 million dogs get lost from their owners. Luckily, today we have new effective ways of searching lost cats and dogs. No matter whether it is a lost Beagle, Bolognese, Retriever, or Angora. Every missing pet has high chances to be found in the maze of streets. So, what should you do first if your favorite pet is lost?

How to Find Your Lost Pet

First of all, we recommend every pet owner to inject a cat or a dog with a chip technology. Do it first thing after getting a pet. The chip can be scanned by a special reader to get the full information about the owner. If your pet is missing, there will be much easier for special pet services to bring him home.

Lost Pet

But what if your dog is already lost without a microchip technology? What steps should you do?

Step by Step Guide to Find a Missing Pet

  • Carefully search your home. Before panicking and freaking out, search for your pet in every corner of your house. Very often animals just hide somewhere underneath furniture or in the wardrobe, sleeping for several hours in a row. Check your yard and garage. It is important to look under the bushes and on the trees.
  • A photo. When you search for your lost pet, take a recent photo with you. Seeing an actual photo of a pet can trigger someone’s memory better than simple descriptions in words.
  • Missing posters. Create missing posters to inform your neighbors and anyone passing through your area to know about a missing pet. Hang these posters not only on your own street but also in other communities, grocery stores, veterinary clinics, and offices.
  • Gadgets. In the 21st century, smart gadgets can help you to find a lost pet too. Everything you have to do is to download one of the applications for lost pets on your phone. For example, there is an app called Finding Rover, which is completely free but very useful. With the help of such apps, you can report about a missing dog you lost or found. The app uses the facial recognition technology.
  • Shelters and veterinary. Contact all the local shelters and veterinary in the area. They may have already picked up your cat or dog.

The last but not the least is a collar. Always make sure that your cat or dog has a collar on his neck with all important information on it. And hopefully, you’ll never lose your pet!

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