To Adopt a Pet or to Buy a Pet

If you’re interested in getting a pet, the best way is to adopt one. Why? Let us explain.

First of all, a decision of getting a pet is already a good one. No matter whether your dog or cat is bought or adopted from a shelter. It is always a good idea to have a little pet friend by your side. Animals are very devoted and caring. They love you in their own way, enriching your life and expressing it by licking your face, jumping on you, and waking you up. But taking a pet from a shelter slightly differs from buying a pet from a breeder. When adopting a pet, you give him hope for a better and brighter life.

adopt Pet

We’ve prepared for you a short list of main reasons to get a loyal companion from a shelter.

5 Reasons to Adopt a Pet

  • Statistics show that every 2 minutes almost 20 animals enter a shelter. And the number grows up fast. Just imagine that almost 7 million pets enter shelters every year. Most of them keep living there for the next few years waiting for their new owner. Don’t you want to change these statistics for better?
  • Pets relieve stress. And this is not a myth. 6 of 10 pet owners confirm the fact that their cats and especially dogs help to relieve stress.
  • Talking about pets, we can present even more interesting facts. For example, researchers have found that dogs and cats can prevent heart diseases, lower blood pleasure, and fight depression. Isn’t this enough to get a pet immediately?
  • It is not true that all pets in shelters don’t have a pure breed. You will be surprised, but 1 in 5 dogs sent to a shelter has a pure breed. So, you can already start thinking about what breed you would like to get more – a Papillion or a German Shepherd.
  • Adopting a cat or a dog is much cheaper than buying him from a breeder. And the average food for a pet costs almost like a cup of latte in your favorite coffee shop. The people who work in shelters will gladly help you to choose a pet which will become the best friend for you.

And now we have a few recommendations on choosing a pet from a shelter.

adopt Pet

How to Pick a Shelter Pet

When taking a dog from a shelter, you should pay attention to several aspects. Do you have kids? How old is a dog or a cat? Is a dog practicing social interaction with other dogs? You should always choose a pet, especially a dog, which completely suits your lifestyle.

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  • Pets in the shelter very rarely receive sufficient attention. Therefore, they can be sad. If you take a pet from the shelter, you will make it happy.

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